Welcome to PureLocalityHerps.com. I'd like to start off by acknowledging that this web site is inspired by and dedicated to the love of the natural occurring variety and beauty of 100% locality specific Rosy Boas, California Kingsnakes, Gopher Snakes & Bull Snakes. The objective of this site is to promote the uniqueness that these species posses through information and education. Even within their specific geographic range, these species of snakes can be quite variable in color and pattern. Throughout this site you will experience this naturally occurring phenomenon, intriguing you to want to absorb all the knowledge that so many other pure locality herp enthusiast have sought to gain throughout the years. I am by no means an expert, nor will I ever claim to be. I just want to share my love for what I believe to be some of the coolest snakes on the planet. This site will hopefully inspire you to want to maintain the integrity of pure locality Rosy Boas, California Kingsnakes, Gopher Snakes & Bull Snakes as well as educate others to do so.

I also hope this site inspires you to meet other pure locality herp enthusiast. Sharing a common interest with a perfect stranger has led me to many very helpful conversations, laughs, and very special friendships over the years. It has also inspired many incredible adventures to some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Many a good meal, good music, and even a good cigar have been shared over conversations on pure locality herps. I found my best friend as well as my mentor through my love for pure locality herps. The biggest gain that I have received out of my love for pure locality herps is my wife and children. Because of my passion for pure locality herps, this site is meant to promote the importance of maintaining the integrity of 100% pure locality animals. It’s main purpose is to educate and interest folks in doing so as well. Captive propagation of 100% pure locality animals has led to preserving some unique naturally occurring pattern and color morphs that would have other wise disappeared due to habitat loss for numerous reasons. I love pure locality herps for what they are. I hope that this web site will inspire you to love and respect pure locality herps for what they are too. Enjoy!